Established in 1952, The Dikaia Foundation consists of a 15-member alumni board who aid, encourage, promote, and contribute to the education and general well being of members of the Syracuse Chapter of Delta Upsilon enrolled at Syracuse University.  Alumni donations provide undergraduate Brothers with financial aid, scholarships, and incentive awards. Dikaia Tax ID:  16-6044201.  See more information below about the annual scholarship that Dikaia makes possible.

Since its founding, the Dikaia Foundation has provided the following academic, merit and needs-based scholarships in the name outstanding Delta Upsilon alumni.

Rick Barry “Christmas Everyday” – Rick Barry ’85
Herb Dean  – Herb W. Dean ’39
M. Harold Dwyer Achievement – Harold “Pete” Dwyer ’32
Jeff Ploshnick Friendship and Participation  –  Jeff Ploshnick ’88
Raymond Ranellucci ’89 Emerging Leader  – Raymond Ranellucci ’88
Jock Stratton  –  Hubert Charles “Jock” Stratton ’26
Albert P. Stauderman Jr. Newhouse Leaders  –  Al Stauderman ’58
Dick Thorpe  –  Dick Thorpe ’64
David A. Thorpe Leadership –  David A. Thorpe ’64


Through the generosity of our Alumni, an endowment has been established to educate and sustain our high performing chapter through educational scholarships. The funds raised permanently endow and provide the following scholarships every year through the DU Chapter Legacy Plan:

  • 8 registrations for the Regional Leadership Academy (9 registrations for 2020)
  • 6 registrations to the Leadership Institute
  • 2 registrations for the Global Service Initiative
  • 1 registration for the DU Emerging Leader Experience
  • 2 Men of Merit Recruitment Scholarships
    • These two annual scholarships are for $500 each. The scholarships can be used to help AMs who have difficulty paying initiation fees/dues or to recognize “merit” in any way the Alumni Task Force determines. The Task Force should provide names to IHQ who sends the scholarship directly to the AM/Brother.

In addition to the above mentioned scholarships:

  • Chapter President attends President’s Academy at no additional costs.
  • Recruitment Chairman attends the Recruitment Symposium at Regional Leadership Academy at no additional costs.
  • IHQ will provide an annual “Building Better Men” retreat hosted for the entire chapter at no additional costs.