Awards Ceremony

Held February 24 at the Science and Technology Building. Over $30k in scholarships were awarded.

The Start of a New Era

Farewell, 801!
Since January 2018, the DU chapter house has been located at 801 Walnut Avenue, a property owned by Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. They informed us in August that they need 801 Walnut back in May 2024, a year earlier than expected.

The Search for a New House
We immediately began looking for a new location but soon discovered that the campus-area real estate market is tight.

A Remarkable Collaboration
About a month into the search, Matt Holmes ’25 and Chapter President Ethan Gunther ’24 gave us a head’s up that Sigma Phi Epsilon’s property at 721 Comstock Avenue (next to the former DU house) may become available. We immediately created a small “strike force” of alumni and undergraduates to evaluate the property and enter discussions
with SigEp. Heartfelt thanks to Alan Schanzer ’90, Ken Berlin ’92, David Nass ’91, Gary Cohen ’93 and especially Steve Hochberg ’83 for your help and unwavering support during this engagement.

Over the ensuing six weeks, we built a dialogue with SigEp National Housing. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the strike force, we secured a two-year lease and are thrilled to announce that DUSU’s Chapter House will be located at 721 Comstock starting this fall!

Go-Forward Plan
As relieved as we are to have an immediate solution, we also realize that 721 Comstock is only a short-term fix. The hard truth is that as long as we are renters, our chapter will be in a precarious position. Every few years, we’ll be scrambling to find a new location and will be reliant on decisions of landlords with other priorities. In addition, our property improvement efforts and the undergraduates’ (considerable) rent checks will continue to accrue to the benefit of other organizations.

Celebrating 150 Years

In the spirit of brotherhood, Delta Upsilon recently celebrated a monumental milestone—150 years of history, friendships, and shared experiences. The fraternity embarked on a weekend-long celebration filled with events, reunions, and laughter.

Friday Evening

The festivities commenced with a warm welcome at the current chapter house at 801 Walnut. Alumni had the opportunity to connect with undergraduates, sharing stories and creating new memories. The celebration extended to Faegans, a local favorite, for a night of revelry.


A Dikaia Foundation Board meeting drew over 20 alumni and 10 undergraduates who contributed to a scholarship program that annually grants over $25,000 to undergraduate brothers. We also took a group photo and visited Bird Library, exploring a rich archive of DUSU materials spanning over 150 years.

Next was a spirited golf tournament at Drumlins Country Club, showcasing the resilience of brothers against rainy weather. Campus strolls to past chapter houses, a football game viewing at Faegans, and a gala at the Collegiate

Hotel ended the day with speeches, stories, and laughter.


The weekend concluded with a brunch at the Syracuse University Sheraton, offering a final opportunity for around 120 DU brothers to bid farewell before returning home.

The success of this celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the planning committee. Vinny Dipaola ’18, ET Tecosky ’91, Mateo Diaz ’16, Rick Holland ’11, and Ken Hyman ’88 played pivotal roles; however, special recognition goes to MVP Mark “Minty” Linnan ’85, whose powerhouse efforts were the driving force behind the entire weekend.

The 150-year celebration was more than a commemoration of the past; it was a testament to the enduring bonds of brotherhood. These enduring relationships enrich the fabric of our fraternity and contribute to its vibrant legacy.

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