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The money raised will go toward scholarships for our undergraduate Brothers. Learn more below. Dikaia is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization tax ID 16-6044201.

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Dikaia Foundation, Inc. (“Dikaia” or the Foundation) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded by Delta Upsilon Syracuse University Chapter alumni in 1952.  Dikaia’s mission is to aid, encourage, promote and contribute to the education and general well-being of members of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity at Syracuse University.  The Foundation’s objectives are to: 

  •     Provide educational advantages, opportunities, and facilities
  •     Aid and assist financially
  •     Promote physical, mental, and moral well being
  •     Establish endowments and administer fellowships, scholarships, and incentive awards


The Dikaia Scholarships

Since its’ founding, Dikaia has provided academic, merit and needs-based scholarships to hundreds of DU undergraduate brothers at SU. Some of these scholarships bear the name outstanding Delta Upsilon alumni, including:


    The Herb Dean Scholarship

    Awarded in recognition of outstanding academic and personal achievement, with special consideration given to students in the Whitman School of Management.

    Named after Herb W. Dean ’39.

    The M. Harold Dwyer Achievement Award

    Awarded in recognition of outstanding academic and personal achievement.

    Named after Harold “Pete” Dwyer ’32 who was the first President of Dikaia.

    The Jock Stratton Award

    He was a member of the intercollegiate championship junior varsity crew team of 1923 and stroke of the 1926 SU varsity crew team. Awarded in recognition of outstanding leadership, with special consideration given to members of a Syracuse University athletic team.

    Named after Hubert Charles “Jock” Stratton ’26 who was a founder of Dikaia and was “Alumnus of the Year” in 1977.

    The Dick Thorpe Scholarship

    Awarded in recognition of a Brother who leads by example, puts Brotherhood above self, and stays involved in DU to the end of his undergraduate career.   Typically awarded to graduating seniors who have consistently served the Chapter throughout their time at SU including their Senior year.

    Named after Dick Thorpe ’64, who remained involved in the fraternity throughout his lifetime and inspired many DU alumni. He was the Chairman of the Task Force, which raised $325,000 to fund our return to campus in 2017.

    The Jeff Ploshnick Scholarship

    Awarded in honor of Jeff Ploshnick ’88 to an undergraduate Brother who made the Brotherhood tighter by constant participation in all things DU and promoting friendship.  As an undergraduate, Jeff never missed a Chapter, Rush, Hash, Initiation, party, intramural match, or philanthropic event.  As an alumni, Jeff was a member of the Undergraduate Advisory Board, attended all DU reunions, kept in touch with his classmates as well as older and younger brothers, and donated to every fundraising and scholarship campaign.  In doing it all, Jeff made fast and permanent friends.  He gave you his undivided attention and took genuine interest in you and your family always before himself.   Every time you talked to Jeff you got a little tighter, and the Brotherhood did too.  The scholarship will be awarded to the individual who is an active member of the fraternity and exemplifies all of the characteristics and ethics at the core of who Jeff was.

    The Albert P. Stauderman Jr. Newhouse Leaders Award

    Award is open to all Newhouse School of Public Communications majors and selection criteria includes both Chapter and University leadership with additional consideration based on financial need.

    Named after Al Stauderman ’58, a leader as both an undergraduate and as an alumnus, who inspired many SU DU alumni to support the Syracuse Chapter. A dedicated, committed and energetic alumnus, Al led by example and served as a Dikaia Foundation President and Dikaia board member, as well as the founder of the Newhouse Alumni Association.

    The Raymond Ranellucci '89 Emerging Leader Scholarship

    Awarded to an undergrad who has a strong and positive influence on the Brotherhood and has outstanding leadership potential.  The winner is someone who is quick witted, enthusiastic, well liked by all and strives to bring the brotherhood together.

    In  honor of  Raymond Ranellucci ’88, a fun-loving, quick-witted, enthusiastic Brother, who could rally the Brotherhood like no other and make positive things happen for the Chapter.

    Learn more about Ray and the scholarship that honors him.

    The David A. Thorpe '64 Leadership Scholarship

    In honor of Air Force 1st Lt. David A. Thorpe ’64 who went to Vietnam but never made it back. Dave’s C-130E Hercules plane, with five men aboard, failed to arrive at its destination after departure from South Vietnam. After his death, Dave was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart for his last mission.

    While at Syracuse, Dave was in the Air Force ROTC and felt compelled to serve his country. Those who knew him said he was the kind of guy that would tutor a brother who struggled in school and was always there to help others. The winner of the Dave Thorpe scholarship is someone who gives of himself and has provided dedicated service to our brotherhood by holding numerous leadership positions and/or who has helped our community.  This scholarship honors the service Dave provided to his country and the ultimate sacrifice he gave.

    Learn more about Dave and the scholarship that honors him.

    The Rick Barry "Christmas Everyday" Award

    The scholarship will be awarded to an active member of the fraternity who exemplifies all the zest for life characteristics of Rick Barry.

    Named after Rick Barry ’85, a physically imposing figure with a shy smile who loved his family and his friends unconditionally. Rick was a devoted friend willing to drop everything to help those he loved most. He built lifelong friendships with his DU brothers and nurtured those relationships throughout his lifetime.  Rick was a fisherman who loved nothing more than being on the water with his family and friends and he made Cape Cod a better place to live. He also loved listening to music and cared for everyone from children to grandparents.   He was not only known for his kind heart, but for his joy for life and laughter.  Every day spent with Rick felt like Christmas as he wanted those around him to be happy and always succeeded in doing so.

    Support SU DU Undergraduates Through Dikaia

    If you are interested in naming a scholarship, please contact Rick Holland